Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sunday Training Rides: Two Left for Ramadan 2011

This Sunday, August 21, 2011, 7 AM, we will meet at the Cascades for our weekly training ride. We will warm up with runs up and down the stairs, stretching and then begin laps. You can ride as many times as you like around the Lake. This months training rides end next Sunday. The ride and warm up take --if you do one lap under one hour's time.

Make the commitment to fitness: mind, body, heart. Ramadan is a great time to change or start a new habit--why not start one that can save your life?

No pressure, just think about it. Our commitment to health is a nonnegotiable. This morning I couldn't find anyone to ride with.

After Ramadan 2011 ends, what's next?
Good question. Beginning in September the club will sponsor a monthly ride in the San Francisco Bay. We will focus on the Bay Trails, easy rides on trails with minimum traffic (some trails end and resume with brief road time in the street with car traffic).

Well I am off to the Bay Trails now. I found a new part of the Trail connecting or near the High Street Bridge. Its behind the factories and not as clearly marked so I missed it. There is a dock there and parking. Really nice. I remember when the City of Oakland closed it for renovations, but I didn't know what happened after that and while riding the other evening, I saw a cyclist coming from a direction I hadn't ridden in a while and there it was, a vista which took me back to the place I had been just a few minutes before.

I am going to ride it this morning and when I return I will give you the name of the rode where the entrance is just moments from the High Street Bridge (Oakland).

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